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Rifles For Deer
Rifles For Deer

Rifles For Deer

When you are shopping for guns you definitely want to make sure you have the right one for the animal you are hunting. You are generally purchasing to have it a lifetime. When looking for a deer rifle you have to factor in: 1) Check the state and county that you plan on hunting  and see if they allow rifles for deer.  2) Who is going to use it, up grading for yourself, a fist year hunter, a teenager or your spouse.  3) How much am I willing to spend. Very important, don’t let a salesperson try to sell you way over your budget because your purchase doesn’t stop at the gun. You will have a gun sling, shells, cleaning kit, gun oil, extra clip for semi-automatics, gun case and possibly a scope, not to mention the clothing.

I feel the top of the line deer rifles are the Browning BAR Mark II Safari Edition 30-06. There are many good guns but this one is the top of the line. It weighs under 8lbs. and has a four shot clip magazine with a beautiful Turkish walnut stock. You can use 150 to 180 grain bullet but I prefer the 180 grain. If I am hunting an area that has wide open fields or very long shooting lanes I would prefer the lighter grain bullet for it will have less drop.

A good starter rifle for the young hunter is the lever action 30 -30 caliber without a scope. I feel kids need to learn to shoot with sites and graduate up to a scope, especially if the woods are more dense and the shots are much shorter, like under 100 yards.

My wife chose a used Remington 742 Woodsmaster Deluxe with a scope. It thought it was kind of heavy for her. They do not make them anymore anyway. If you know she is going to permanently hunt, please spend the money on a light gun. Spend what you need to make it more enjoyable for her. Happy Hunting!

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