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[New York, New York – October 29, 2020] – Citizen announces the launch of two new CITIZEN PROMASTER models in the series with Cal. F158 Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS, which are set to debut this month.

The new models represent the world’s first light-powered watch with GPS satellite capabilities and 200-meter depth diving function based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard. When fully charged, the Cal.F158 provides long-lasting power that can continue to operate for approximately seven years even without a light source. The dive mode function prioritizes diver safety to prevent erroneous operation and time-critical operations at the push of a button.

The dial ring displays the world’s eight most famous diving locations selected in collaboration with the world’s largest travel platform, Tripadvisor®. Receiving position coordinates time and date data from GPS satellites makes it possible to display accurate precision time anywhere in the world, including the most famous dive spots: Sharm El Sheikh, Maldives, Phuket, Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Hawaii, Galapagos and Fernando de Noronha.

Citizen’s proprietary material Super Titanium™, is also used in the timepiece’s casing. This light, highly scratch- and rust-resistant material has evolved over the past 50 years into an even more improved material, which includes DURATECT MRK, a surface-treatment hardening technology. DURATECT MRK is a proprietary Citizen technology that penetrates particular type of gas into the surface of the watch, and makes it harder, especially against impacts. The new case for the CC5006-06L is finished in glossy black by layering DURATECT DLC, which takes advantage of the smoother surface and greater scratch resistance.

Other prominent professional design features and functions include high-visibility luminous indices and watch hands and a unidirectional bezel with knurled notches that make operation easy, even while wearing diving gloves. Moreover, the watch is equipped with authentic diving watch features such as screw lock crown, sapphire crystal glass, charge capacity display function, and light-level indicator.

The watch receives accurate location and time information anywhere in the world using GPS satellite signals and corrects time /calendar (38 time zones). With only time data, the watch receives GPS satellite signals within three seconds. Even without GPS satellite function, the watch keeps accuracy of ± five seconds per month. Time can be adjusted to the selected city time and calendar with simple crown operation.

As the world’s first diver’s watch with GPS satellite function, it gives top priority to diver safety. By pressing the push buttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock simultaneously, the watch enters Dive mode. All functions, except time display, will be ceased to prevent erroneous user time operations at the push of a button. The watch itself is waterproofed to up to 200m, conforming to ISO standard.

Additionally, the watch is equipped with a charge-level display function and light-level indicator. It will not enter into Dive mode if the charged battery amount is insufficient so that diver knows if the watch is not in optimum condition before diving. It runs approximately seven years on full charge when power-saving mode is activated.

Inspired by the ocean of the famous diving spots, the dials are available in marine blue or emerald green with luminous large dot indices and thick hands that are set to improve visibility. The timepieces have an easy-to-operate unidirectional bezel with knurl, even while wearing diving gloves. The case is made of Super Titanium™, which is feather-light, and resistant to scratches and rust. Finally, the non-slip urethane band comes with an extension band for usage with a wetsuit, and features a wave-motif design.

For more information on the CITIZEN PROMASTER Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Diver, please visit https://www.citizenwatch.com/us/en/search?q=gps+diver&lang=default, Additional images of the watches can be found here https://we.tl/t-3bPJzcBlET.

About collaboration of CITIZENCitizen Watch and Tripadvisor®

This model features the best 8 diving locations exclusively chosen in collaboration with Tripadvisor’s reviews and ratings of the top 100 dive and snorkeling locations around the world.

About CITIZEN Watch

Citizen, a pioneer in watchmaking and innovation since 1918, promotes excellence and creativity with a deep-rooted respect for craftsmanship. Citizen advocates “Better Starts Now,” searching for and accomplishing goals that cultivate positive change. Driven to create timepieces enjoyed by citizens all over the world, Citizen formed an alliance partnership with Disney in 2018, another powerhouse brand with similar values. With a long-term partnership in place, Citizen participates in activations surrounding the Disney Parks, Marvel, Star Wars and more. Citizen is the Official Timepiece of both Walt Disney World and Disneyland with branded clocks in both theme parks.

For over 40 years, Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology has served as the prime example of how the brand is dedicated to making the world and its environment a better place. A simple yet revolutionary concept, Eco-Drive harnesses the power of light from any natural or artificial light source and converts it into energy, eliminating the need for any battery replacement.

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